Happy birthday, Anthony Benezet #quaker

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Marginal Mennonite Society

Happy birthday, Anthony Benezet (Jan. 31, 1713 – May 3, 1784)! #Quaker. #Pacifist. #Abolitionist. Educator. War tax resister. Writer of anti-slavery tracts. Founder of one of the world’s first anti-slavery societies. Founder of the first public school for girls. Founder of the Negro School at Philadelphia. Benezet strived to persuade his fellow Quakers that slavery was wrong, at a time when even Friends accepted the legitimacy of the slave system. Married to Quaker minister Joyce Marriot. Born into a Huguenot family in Saint-Quentin, France. Died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
~The Marginal Mennonite Society Heroes Series.

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