Lois B. Wilso, contro gli alcolici

Happy birthday, Lois B. Wilson (March 4, 1891 – Oct. 5, 1988)! Co-founder of Al-Anon, a program of recovery for families and friends of alcoholics. It is an independent organization, yet based on the ideas and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. (Lois’s husband, Bill Wilson, was co-founder of A.A.) Lois and Anne B. started Al-Anon in 1951 (16 years after A.A’s founding), in response to a concern that loved ones of alcoholics also needed help with their problems. Lois was born at 182 Clinton Street in Brooklyn Heights. She married Bill Wilson on January 24, 1918, and put up with Bill’s drinking for many years before he got sober in 1934. Things didn’t get better for Lois after Bill quit drinking, because he spent most of his time with his “A.A. cronies,” leaving Lois resentful and jealous. She also had to endure the fact that Bill engaged in many affairs during the years he was developing the A.A. program. Lois outlived Bill by 17 years, during which time she became revered as the “first lady of A.A.” Today there are tens of thousands of Al-Anon groups around the world. Author of “Lois Remembers” (1979). Buried in East Dorset Cemetery, Vermont.
~The Marginal Mennonite Society Heroes Series.


foto di Marginal Mennonite Society.